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5 Ways to Make Overwatch Even Better


5 Ways to Make Overwatch Even Better

Overwatch still has room to grow.

Single Player


No, we’re not saying that Overwatch needs some huge campaign with some sort of engaging story. Blizzard has done a great job already of conveying a story through the game’s official website and short videos. But a single player component that lets you play against the computer yet still earn meaningful rewards would be great.

It can be a challenge mode that gives you objectives against AI that has been dialed up a notch. This will allow for those who can’t find their friends or just want to enjoy Overwatch on their own for a bit to do so without worrying about wasting their time. For now, the only single player option is practice, and that gets you nothing. Sure you can still have fun, but the lack of progress or rewards makes it something to only play when needed (a need that rarely arises).

More gameplay options are always a good thing, so Blizzard dabbling in some challenging, but fun, single-player diversions would definitely be appreciated.

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