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Watch This Mei Player Bring a New Level of Savagery to Overwatch


Watch This Mei Player Bring a New Level of Savagery to Overwatch

This Mei player is pretty….chilling.

It’s well documented just how savage Mei is as an Overwatch hero, but Korean Youtuber 에마군_김재원 has taken her to the next level. Watch, as the wild Mei lies in ambush, waiting the stray Soldier 76 to pounce. But instead of a simple freeze and ice spike technique, this player adds insult to injury by launching him into the sky with an ice wall, and waving away the corpse with a smile.

In case this video failed to make it clear, Mei is deceptively deadly when played right, though perhaps the extra touch of salt isn’t always necessary.

Back in early May, we wrote about the several ways to counter Mei’s powerful endothermic blaster and freezing abilities, so that hopefully you needn’t end up like this lowly Soldier 76. This tips boil down to advice as simple as keeping a longer range with her, to some specific hero choices that easily counter her, so check it if you’re curious.

Blizzard also recently released the game’s competitive mode, which already has many fans reconsidering whether it was a good idea in the first place. We also wrote up some ways that the mode could dramatically improve in the future, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Thanks, Kotaku.


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