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Destiny: Best Warlock Classes, Ranked


Destiny: Best Warlock Classes, Ranked

Which magic reigns supreme?

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3. Voidwalker


Let’s make this clear, the Voidwalker subclass in Destiny is far from bad. In many situations, it is your most powerful option on the battlefield. But it is the class that is the least conducive to team play, and while its damage output is plenty high, it doesn’t bring much else to the table.

The Nova Bomb, arguably the biggest reason to even consider the Voidwalker, is possibly the most powerful attack in the entire game (next to a Gjallarhorn blast, of course). Yet it’s a one shot deal, and if you miss, then the main draw is gone until you charge it back up. It does have some cool grenades, and a healing melee. That makes it a formidable option for those who want to play alone, or just want to run through some PvE. Also, the use of Blink instead of Glide like its fellow Destiny subclasses make it a tough to pick out of the air. In a skilled player’s hands, this is one tough nut to crack in the Crucible. That doesn’t help you too much in PvE during some of the harder activities though, such as the raids.

Voidwalker is a powerful option for those looking to kill some aliens, and maybe even some fellow Guardians. But, when compared to the two other options, it just isn’t as its contemporaries.

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