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10 Seriously WTF Moments in Games


10 Seriously WTF Moments in Games

WTF, bro.

Wife Brain (Bionic Commando)

Back in the late 2000s, Capcom tried to bring their 2D series Bionic Commando back into the spotlight with two games. Along with the sidescroller Rearmed, there was also the gritty reboot that turned the series into an action title, and protagonist Nathan “RAD” Spencer into a prisoner for the government. After Ascension City is bombed, he’s given his arm back and thrown into the ruins so he can redeem his name and stop the invading BioReign terrorists, in exchange for information on his missing wife.

That’s when it gets weird. See, turns out that his wife never actually left–she’s a part of Nathan’s arm. It’s some whole thing about how bionics need to sync with their hosts on a physical and emotional level, and she was perfect for that. Basically, you know the whole Drift Compatible thing in Pacific Rim? It’s like that, if it was completely batshit.

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