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The 10 Most Important San Diego Comic-Con News and Announcements


The 10 Most Important San Diego Comic-Con News and Announcements

Lotta cool stuff.

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Lego Batman

The Lego Movie was a huge surprise when it released in 2014, and one of the surprises on top of it was the portrayal of Lego Batman. Instead of the grumpy Gus that’s largely been presented in films and games, the Lego version of the Caped Crusader is a complete deconstruction of the hero. He’s a dork, he’s a whiner, he makes (admittedly) catchy music that only functions to remind people of how awesome he is. Will Arnett’s performance won people over, so it came as no real surprise when it was announced that he’d do the role again for a solo movie.

It’s long been a joke and critique about DC Comics that their live action flicks aren’t exactly watchable for younger audiences. The Lego Batman movie looks to be handling that critique on two fronts, not only providing a Bat-film that’s good for kids, but also providing plenty of opportunities for well-meaning jabs. Whether it’s talking about Batman’s “mood changes” with a timeline of his live action portrayals or bringing up the inherent silliness of dressing up like a bat, this is gonna be a movie for everyone to enjoy.

While it may have been a little overlooked at Comic-Con this year (there was a lot of great stuff there, as you’ll see), its trailer was nothing less than awesome. From the surprisingly smart move of using Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” for the music to Michael Cera’s adorably dorky voice work as Robin, it’s clear that this movie is going to be a great time. Plus, Mariah Carey is voicing Commissioner Gordon, so the movie demands to be seen for that reason alone. 

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