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YouTubers Life: How to Make a Collab Video


YouTubers Life: How to Make a Collab Video

Make some friends.

In YouTubers Life, making and uploading a collab video to your YouTube channel is a great way to get viewers’ attention and attract more subscribers at the same time. Before you can make a collab video, first you need some friends. Simply bring up your friends list on your phone and select someone to be invited over to your place. Take note that your friendship level has to be above ‘Acquaintance’ before you can invite them over to record a video with you.

Once they arrive at your apartment, click on their avatar and select the option that allows you to make a collab video. From there, the recording and editing process remains largely the same. You’ll have to choose a game that you want to play, and you’ll even be able to select video and comment options for your friend to be mixed in with your own. Take note that your friend also has a chance of producing copyrighted material, so make sure to steer clear of those if you aren’t in a YouTube network just yet.

After that, it’s just a simple matter of editing the video as per normal and then uploading it to your channel. Depending on the popularity of your friend, the interest rate of the video should go up by quite a bit. And there you have it, you’ve just recorded your first collab video in YouTubers Life.

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