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Why ReCore Will Be Only $40, Hint: It’s Not Because of Length


Why ReCore Will Be Only $40, Hint: It’s Not Because of Length

Length and quality are not the main factors.

ReCore, one of Xbox’s big exclusives this holiday season surprised many during E3 week by quietly revealing that the game will only cost $39.99 according to its official FAQ. Some people, upon seeing a price under $60, sometimes get scared and equate that to meaning that the game is going to be very short, or of lower quality. Think budget priced games based off officially licensed products. However according to lead writer Joseph Staten, whom took a few minutes to speak to Twinfinite during E3, that isn’t the case with ReCore. Instead, it’s more about getting a new IP off of the ground.

Here’s what Staten had to say about ReCore’s price: “We want to reach as broad an audience as we can, and we figured that a $40 price point would really help us reach as many people as we could. New IPs are always hard, and we wanted people to get the game and feel like “wow this is a really big game for $40.” 

He also added that “It doesn’t have to do with the quality of the game or the length of the game, it’s a big juicy campaign but we wanted to get a broad audience.”

What we got to play at E3 2016 certainly had potential provided the game’s most promising feature, the customization of the Corebots, plays an important role in the final product. Also, by keeping the price under $40, if ReCore ends up being on the short end as far as length, it frees the game of some of the criticism that could get hurled its way. Either way, until the game is released on Sept. 13 later this year, no one will know for sure.

Are you worried or excited by ReCore’s price tag? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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