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Which Virtual Reality System Is Going to Die Out First?


Which Virtual Reality System Is Going to Die Out First?

A look at who will die in the upcoming VR platform war.

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Many claim that Virtual Reality is the next step of evolution for the gaming industry. While that may be correct, they forget one key component of the evolutionary process: natural selection. Survival of the fittest is a tragic, albeit necessary, aspect of the process that rings true even in the gaming world. So which VR headset is destined to go the way of the dinosaur first?

Google Cardboard

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Google Cardboard is an interesting VR “headset” for a number of reasons. Paramount among them is that it really isn’t meant for gaming. Lack of controller inputs limits the device’s ability to allow the player to control the experience. So in the way of gaming, the Google Cardboard is all but destined for a quick gaming-related death. But where the box shines is its low barrier to entry, usability, and great experience.

The reason why Google Cardboard works is that everyone has a smartphone. For those interested in VR, but too afraid to drop the serious dough necessary to truly experience VR, this is the perfect jumping on point. While Cardboard lacks great games to play, it does feature a large selection of 360 degree experiences. From Star Wars to world travel, Cardboard offers users a glimpse at 360 degree video, convincing doubters to pay attention to VR.

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