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We Happy Few Gameplay Video Shows off the Gruesome Effects of Joy


We Happy Few Gameplay Video Shows off the Gruesome Effects of Joy

Don’t be a downer!

We Happy Few received a full video showcased during the Microsoft E3 Conference. Set in an alternate 1964, the game is about a society that has turned to pills called Joy in order to keep the populace in line. Those who are off their happy pills are called downers and are hunted by the police.  It not only acts as a way of maintaining control but is a hallucinogen that warps the mind of those using it.

In the video, we see the player character Arthur traverse what seems like an underground housing unit. The citizens seem to all be on their Joy, though we get a gruesome glimpse of what people will do if you’re off the medication. One of the most jarring moments happens when a pinata, conveniently talked about by the game’s mascot Uncle Jack, turns out to be a dead rat. Of course, only poor Arthur notices and is instantly discovered to be a downer and subsequently chased by the police.

We Happy Few is a first person, procedurally generated survival game that draws from a variety of titles for inspiration such as Bioshock. It will be available July 26th first on Xbox One.

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