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Watch Dogs 2 Deluxe and Gold Editions Available to Pre-Order on Amazon

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Watch Dogs 2 Deluxe and Gold Editions Available to Pre-Order on Amazon

Which will you choose?

Watch Dogs 2 finally got its official reveal today, and shortly after the trailer went live, two different editions for the game appeared on Amazon.

Set in San Francisco’s bay area, you’ll be able to hack everything in Watch Dogs 2, even more so than you could in its predecessor. Everything that you see on the winding streets of San Francisco can be hacked in order to give you the upper hand on your missions. Every person, vehicle and connected device can be hacked. So yes, even those drones that you saw in the trailer can be used to your advantage.

Watch Dogs 2 will be receiving two extra editions on top of just the standard game- the Deluxe edition and the Gold edition.  The Deluxe Edition is set to cost $69.99 and will include two deluxe packs with additional content. According to the description on, Deluxe Packs will include “premium customization items to personalize your character, weapons, vehicles, drones and more.”

If you’re looking for the top edition of Watch Dogs 2, then the Gold Edition is what you’ll be looking for. On top of the base game, this edition will include all Deluxe Packs, as well as the Season pass for the game. It should be noted, however, that very little is known about what the Season Pass will include. The description on states that it will allow you to “continue your hacker’s journey with special missions, customization items, and more great DLC.” The Gold Edition is available to pre-order on Amazon now for $99.99.

Any pre-orders placed for Watch Dogs 2 will also receive the Zodiak Killer bonus mission, according to an image on the game’s Amazon page.

What do you make of these two editions for Watch Dogs 2? Let us know in the comments below.


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