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Watch Dogs 2 Can Be Beaten Without Killing a Single Enemy

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Watch Dogs 2 Can Be Beaten Without Killing a Single Enemy

No more killing. Just more hacking.

Watch Dogs 2 is determined to place a larger focus and emphasis on the hacking aspect of the game, and the game’s developers have revealed that the game can be completed without using lethal or deadly force. In an interview on the PlayStation Blog, game director Danny Belanger mentioned that the team “took a lot of risks and made some big changes” in Watch Dogs 2.

‘Perhaps most interesting of all the new additions, however, is a fresh way of approaching self-determination and player agency. Unlike in the original game, you can actually reach Watch Dogs 2’s finale without once using deadly force.

“The player has the freedom to play the way they want,” explains Belanger.

“We’re using three playstyles to talk about the game. The combat hacker — who is more proactive and uses hacks to take down people. There’s the ghost hacker — they can use hacks to distract and make noises. And then there’s the trickster hacker. They can finish a whole mission without actually physically being there.”’

Belanger goes on to explain that there are missions in the game where you can simply deploy your drone and complete it “via remote control.” You can still use a more lethal play style to get the job done, but the point is that a variety of play styles and methods will be supported in the game.

Watch Dogs 2 is set to be released for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 15.

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