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Volume’s VR Expansion, Coda, Gets Its First Gameplay Trailer

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Volume’s VR Expansion, Coda, Gets Its First Gameplay Trailer

Coda is coming

Mike Bithell, Designer of popular PS4 and Vita stealth game, Volume, today showed off the upcoming expansion, Coda, in its first gameplay trailer.

The news came via a post on the PlayStation blog. Having released the game a year ago on PlayStation 4, with the Vita release following a few months later, Volume was well received by critics and players alike. Coda, the expansion to the base game is a thank you for the positive reception that the game got upon its release. It will be a free expansion to everyone who owns the original game, offering you more of the same, albeit with a slight twist.

Volume: Coda was built specifically for use with PlayStation VR. While you will still be navigating your character around the missions as you did in the base game, you’ll now be doing so in an “immersive story environment, with a cool holographic simulation floating in front of you.”

The expansion is set to bring 30 new levels and continue the story told in the main game. You can check out the trailer for Volume: Coda below.

Are you looking forward to carrying on the stealth action in Volume: Coda? Let us know in the comments below.

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