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Verdun Gets Rated for the PS4 and Xbox One


Verdun Gets Rated for the PS4 and Xbox One

Prepare for war.

Verdun, the multiplayer shooter, was released last year on PC only. However, a new rating by the European ratings board PEGI suggests that the game is getting a release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The rating has since been wiped from PEGI’s official website, but the company’s automated Twitter account still references it.


Developers M2H and Blackmill Games still haven’t officially announced a port, but one user on Reddit claims that they did confirm it once on Dutch TV.

Fans of first-person shooters have been wanting to return to the World War eras for some time and, given this news and the fact that the next Battlefield will be set during World War 1, it looks like they may well get their wish.

Do you prefer shooter set in the past or would you rather wage war with futuristic technology?

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