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Valkyria Chronicles: How to Get Lynn the Shock Trooper

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

Valkyria Chronicles: How to Get Lynn the Shock Trooper

Add another powerful ally to your ranks.

Valkyria Chronicles is absolutely packed with different characters for you to use in battle, but Lynn the Shock Trooper is definitely one of the strongest ones. Her stats are good, and her special abilities (potentials) in battle give her quite the advantage. Just for example Trooper Killer grants a boost in attack power, while Full HP Recovery gives her a chance to completely recover her HP every time she attacks. Getting Lynn requires a little bit of work though, and you even have to kind of sacrifice another unit in battle.

Karl Landzaat the Engineer is Lynn’s husband and a unit you’ll be able to recruit in the Command Center. To get Lynn you’ll need to unlock Karl’s hidden potential in battle and then let him die. To unlock a character’s hidden potential you have to get to know them better by using them a lot in battle and filling out their bio. This unlock works on a point system, where you need to get five points in a battle to unlock a hidden potential, then visit Castlefront Street at your base and speak to Ellet the reporter to officially unlock it for use.

In battle there are multiple ways to build these five points, and it can be done in story battles or in skirmishes.

– Participating in Battle (1 point)
– Killing an enemy unit, Healing an ally, Repairing Cover (ie. a sandbag) or Tank (2 points)
– Capturing a base (3 points)
– Saving a fallen comrade (4 points)

Once you’ve done enough of these actions to add up to five the hidden potential will be unlocked. After this you’ll need to use Karl in battle and let him be KOd by the enemy. It should be noted that you can request a medic to save him from that point, but he will need to fall in battle. Following this happening and then winning the battle, Lynn the Shock Trooper will be available to recruit in the Command Center.

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