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Valkyria Chronicles: How to Fix the Edelweiss Tank


Valkyria Chronicles: How to Fix the Edelweiss Tank

Make sure to keep that tank fixed up.

Valkyria Chronicles gives you access to four different units types and tons of characters to use in battle, but one of your most useful tools is your tank, the Edelweiss. Forging a path ahead with the tank can make it take quite a beating though, and you’ll want to be able to easily repair the tank.

The Engineer class is the first step you’ll need, make sure you have at least one Engineer with you in battle and keep them close to your tank. If the Edelweiss needs repairs select your Engineer and cycle through their weapons with the square button until you have the “Engineer Tool” selected. Move the Engineer next to the Edelweiss, hit R1 to aim at the tank and then hit x to fire, or repair in this case. The repair will restore 1000 HP to both the body and the treads of your tank.

It should also be noted that the Engineer’s Tool can be used to repair some structures like sandbags or watchtowers as well. With the difficult battles in store for you in Valkyria Chronicles, you’ll want to keep the Edelweiss in tip-top shape all the time.

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