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Valkyria Chronicles: How to Level Up Fast


Valkyria Chronicles: How to Level Up Fast

Be speedy.

Valkyria Chronicles is an RPG where you get to level up when you gain experience points. The cool thing about this game is, you get to decide where these points go to. There are five classes in Valkyria Chronicles: scouts, shocktroopers, engineers, lancers, and snipers. All characters within a class will gain levels together when you pour points into that particular class, so you don’t have to worry about grinding individual characters.

To level up, go back to Headquarters, and enter the Training Field. You’ll get to see a scoreboard indicating the levels and experience points that have been allocated to each class. The upper right corner will indicate the number of points you’ve gained, and you can allocate these to your different classes. If you want to level up the scouts, simply highlight the scouts on the scoreboard, and then shift the analog stick all the way to the right to give them experience points. If you have enough experience points to reach the end of the board, confirm your decision, and the points will be allocated, allowing them to gain a level.

If you don’t have enough points to reach the end of the board, you won’t be able to gain any levels for that class, though you’ll still be able to give them those points to save for the next session.

The best way to gain experience points quickly is simply by completing missions. You’ll get a higher rank for completing missions quickly, and this will reward you with even more points. Listed below are a few ways to help you gain points quickly in Valkyria Chronicles:

Get a higher rank in missions – Your rank has everything to do with speed. Simply put, the less turns you take to beat a mission, the higher your rank will be. Of course, if any of your troops permanently die in battle, your rank will take a hit, so be sure to send in your fastest, hardest hitting characters, but make sure they stay alive.

Do skirmishes – Skirmishes will be unlocked as you progress through the game, and these are battles you can play repeatedly to gain money and experience. I recommend playing these on normal difficulty instead of easy for the maximum amount of experience you can get.

Bring Rosie, Largo, and Alicia – These three characters will give you extra CP each turn. This means you’ll be able to perform more actions within a single turn, and potentially save turns in a battle, allowing you to get a higher rank.

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