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Umbrella Corps: How to Rank Up

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Umbrella Corps: How to Rank Up

Why can’t I rank up?

For the first few hours into Umbrella Corps, you might notice that you are perpetually stuck on level 1 and might not be sure how to rank up in the multiplayer. Well, that is because the game decides only to count your progression while playing in the Ranked Mode playlist.

Playing in the public match playlist won’t allow you to gain any XP and it won’t record any of your stats. This means if you want to play and increase your level or rank up in the leaderboards, you’re going to always want to play in the ranked playlist rather than the public one. Once you are in the ranked playlist, your stats will always be recorded and you will be always ranking up with each match.

If you are still new to the controls, then public matches will be more your style allowing your KD (kill death) ratio and other stats to stay neutral. Leveling up will unlock new items and customization, which comes packed with different options. Before diving into the multiplayer section of the game, be sure to check out our basic tips and tricks for beginners.

Umbrella Corps is available to purchase on PS4 and PC.

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