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Total War: WARHAMMER – How Lords Work


Total War: WARHAMMER – How Lords Work

Total War: WARHAMMER puts you in command of one of six civilizations as you attempt to accomplish your goals and defeat your enemies. Of course, this means leading an army, what with it being a Total War game and all. Naturally, you’ll need a leader for specific armies that you will deploy to do your bidding. This is where Lords come into play.

Lords are the leaders that you designate for individual armies. They lead the men and provide leadership and morale, as well as designate the loss condition if they are killed during battle.

You’re able to recruit Lords via the Raise Forces button on the Province Overview panel for your civilization. Armies must always be led by a Lord, and you can go ahead and add units by recruiting those, too. Simply put, they are your civilization’s leaders’ greatest assets, as they command the armies of your empire.

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