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Titanfall 2 Xbox One Controller Listed on Amazon


Titanfall 2 Xbox One Controller Listed on Amazon

Ready to drop?

Titanfall 2 is currently in development and is due to drop on October 28. Gamers looking forward to the mech shooter will be interested to know that Amazon appears to have let slip that an official Titanfall 2-themed Xbox One controller is due to be released alongside the game.

Developer Respawn is yet to make any official announcements, but Amazon has revealed a very impressive looking Xbox One controller inspired by the game.

titanfall 2

Amazon currently lists the release date for December 30, but this is most likely a placeholder date. The controller will no doubt release around the same time as Titanfall 2.

The controller includes the following features:

  • Audio support and controls
  • Multi-Function wheels
  • Premium ALPS analog sticks
  • Vibration feedback and impulse triggers and detachable 10′ cable

The controller can be pre-ordered now on Amazon US but doesn’t appear to be listen on other Amazon sites.

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