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E3 2016: 4 Things We Learned about Gears of War 4


E3 2016: 4 Things We Learned about Gears of War 4

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‘Upgrade Pits’

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During the E3 2016 hands-off preview for Gears of War 4, there was a moment where a small Wretch-like enemy jumped into a pit in the ground reminiscent of an emergence hole. Shortly afterwards, JD, Del, and Cait were up against a completely different kind of enemy. The pit had upgraded the enemy to a more intelligent and more lethal creature. The enemy sought cover, and navigated around the environment in a more intelligent way than its former self.

We’re yet to see whether these pits, or “nests” as JD described them as in the demo, will be usable by a number of different enemies. Regardless of the answer, the introduction of this new features means you can never be sure that a battle will be as simple as it first seems.

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