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The Elder Scrolls Online Brings The Blood With Dark Brotherhood DLC


The Elder Scrolls Online Brings The Blood With Dark Brotherhood DLC

Those poor mudcrabs!

During Bethesda’s E3 conference they decided to acknowledge their MMO smash The Elder Scrolls Online. In the trailer, Bethesda decided to share some of the amazing numbers with the community. It turns out that over 13 billion quests have been completed, 34 billion monsters have been killed, 3 billion gold in bounties has been acquired, and most impressive of all over 578 million Mudcrabs have been slain. They’ve also announced that there are no restrictions anymore in terms of alliances, quests, and content barriers. Bethesda has dubbed this “One Tamriel.”

However, the most exciting news was bloody and brutal trailer for the new Dark Brotherhood DLC that is arriving on The Elder Scrolls Online. Players will be able to join the famed assassin cult and complete hitman style contracts just like in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. This DLC released May 31st on PC and Mac but is expected to hit consoles on June 14th.

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