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The Best Game of May 2016


The Best Game of May 2016

Which game reigned supreme this month?

Honorable Mention #1: Doom


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Associate Editor Chris Jecks: id Software’s DOOM doesn’t shy away from its roots. It’s brutal, gory, and a heck of a lot of fun. With a huge arsenal of insane weapons that steadily increases on your journey to hell and back, you’ll never be short of options as to how to put the waves of demons baying for your blood to rest. Tear them open with a chainsaw, rip them in two with your hands, or just pepper them with rounds from your Super Shotgun. Every kill feels just as satisfying as the last. All of this action is crammed into a visually stunning package that helps to bring gore to the forefront of your experience.

id Software has managed to make what many would expect to be repetitive and old, into an incredibly enjoyable game. The challenge is there for those who don’t want a simple walk in the fiery depths of hell, the levels are bursting with secrets and collectibles, and the controls are slippery smooth to help you pull off some incredibly bad-ass combos. All of this comes together to make DOOM a journey to hell that you won’t mind taking more than once.

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