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Sony Announces Tethered, a Strategy Game and PSVR Launch Title


Sony Announces Tethered, a Strategy Game and PSVR Launch Title

You must defend your Peeps!

Immediately adorable and beautiful, Tethered is the latest title revealed for PSVR’s fast approaching launch. A strategy game that sees players manage a small village during the day and defend it at night, Tethered seems simple. Developer Secret Sorcery Towers sees that simplicity as just a gateway however, to the engaging world beneath.

Tethered “takes the best parts of a sand-box experience you might expect from a great strategy game and combines them with gentle puzzle mechanics that help pull you through the experience, all the while wrapping you up in a beautifully immersive universe,” Creative Director Alan McDerott explains in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

“With a simple premise at its core – gather and prepare by day, survive by night – our goal is to strike balance between comfort, simplicity, beauty and challenge.”

A small team of 15 people, Secret Sorcery Towers includes co-founders from both Evolution Studios and Rage Software, boasting a combined 100 years of development experience. The developer came together with VR in mind, and Tethered is there first game.

Featuring music from Kenny Young, composer and audio designer of all the LittleBigPlanet games, Tethered hopes to pull players in and enchanted them with the Miyazaki-inspired world.

With the base model priced at $399, PSVR releases this October. Sony has already confirmed 50 games will release on the system between October and the end of the year. Is Tethered peaking your interest? Let us know in the comments.

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