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Street Fighter V Update Coming this Week, Includes Ibuki and Balrog


Street Fighter V Update Coming this Week, Includes Ibuki and Balrog

Shouldn’t it be called the July update?

The Street Fighter V June update, which was supposed to include Ibuki as a new playable character, was delayed. However, Capcom has a confirmed release date for the update’s rollout. The update will now be released on July 1. This bugs me greatly because it’s called the June update, but won’t be releasing in June after all. The trailer below shows off the new content that will be included in the update.

Along with Ibuki, Balrog will also be joining the roster as a playable character. There will also be a new cinematic story mode for players to check out. At the end of the trailer, we also get a quick look at Juri and Urien. These two characters had already been confirmed by Capcom as additional characters, and we’ll probably get them soon in the next update after this one.

Street Fighter V is now available on the PS4 and PC. Will you be checking out the new characters and content when the update drops this week? Let us know in the comments down below.

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