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This Mod Puts Overwatch’s Tracer in Street Fighter V

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This Mod Puts Overwatch’s Tracer in Street Fighter V

Epic fight, find out who wins here!

Overwatch’s Tracer has made her way into the long-running fighting series Street Fighter V, not as an official character, but rather as a mod.

3D artist THEJAMK has released the mod for Overwatch’s PC version, giving fans the ability to fight as Tracer in the latest Street Fighter game. Tracer doesn’t have any special abilities like the rest of the characters, but as you can see from the video below, Tracer looks exactly as she does in Overwatch.

THEJAMK used Cammy as the base model for the Tracer skin; this means that Tracer will have her move set and voice lines. The modder has some previous work with the game, which recently included bringing The Flash and Spider-Gwen to the game.

The Tracer skin will be completely free and available to download on the game’s page for the PC version of Street Fighter V.

What do you think of Tracer in Street Fighter V? Did you enjoy the fight? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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