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Spider-Man PS4 Will “Set a New Bar of Greatness” for Marvel Games


Spider-Man PS4 Will “Set a New Bar of Greatness” for Marvel Games


Sony surprised everyone earlier tonight when they revealed that Sunset Overdrive developer Insomniac Games was working on a Spider-Man game exclusively for the PS4. To say that people were surprised would be an understatement; while it was a given that Spidey would come back to games due to his upcoming solo movie, everyone thought that Sucker Punch of Sly Cooper fame would take the reigns for this. In a statement after the game’s announcement, Marvel Games’ creative director Bill Rosemann discussed how they came to choose Insomniac. To them, the developer “is a perfect match…they craft games bursting with personality, humor, and most importantly: fun, just like Spidey!”

The reason why they elected to go with Spider-Man (besides the movie due in May, of course) is to them, the wallcrawler broke the mold of a superhero, and they want to do the same here. Rosemann wants this new game to “set a new bar of greatness” for other products from Marvel Games in the future, whatever they may be. The team is determined to “deliver authentic Marvel experiences” filled with what the company’s known for, including “jaw-dropping awesomeness”.

Stay tuned to Twinfinite for more E3 2016 information.

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