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Smite: How to Redeem Codes


Smite: How to Redeem Codes

I scream, you scream, we all scream for free stuff.

There are times when you might get promotional codes for free stuff in Smite. The problem here is that finding out how to redeem your code might be a bit difficult in the PC version.

Make sure you log into the client and look to the left-hand corner, you will see a tab saying ‘Store’, click on that. This will take you to the feature pages which shows all the newest deals for skins and champions. Look to the left and then down until you see ‘Account’. Once you have clicked on that you will see four options, go to the bottom until you see a tab that says ‘Redeem Code’, click on it. Enter the code and click on ‘Redeem.’ As long as the code is valid  you will have new items.

If you want to see what you received then go back up to where you clicked on ‘Store’ and look to the left. Right next to it you will see a tab saying ‘Gods’, click on that and you can see any Gods you may have gained or skins from the code. One good way to get promotional codes is to check out the official Smite Facebook page, right next to ‘Photos’ you will see a tab offering a free skin. Click on that and it will redirect you to another page asking you to sign in to your Facebook. Log in and it will ask you to choose the platform that you want the skin for, pick one and click on ‘Submit’, then you will receive a promotional code to try.

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