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Sega Is Determined to Give Sonic a Great Future

sonic the hedgehog

Sega Is Determined to Give Sonic a Great Future

Make Sonic great again!

Lets face it, Sonic the Hedgehog hasn’t done as well in recent years as other gaming icons like Mario or Lara Croft. The past few games have been met with a lukewarm reception from critics, but Sega is determined to change this.

We recently heard the news that a new Sonic the Hedgehog game is officially in the works. Whilst speaking to MCV, Takashi Iizuka, VP of product development and creative services said: “We want to release good titles to all the players, and that is the challenge for us moving forward – making sure our games are great.”

Ivo Gerscovich, Sonic’s chief brand officer added: “SEGA is really – as of this last year – putting a huge emphasis on quality”.

“One of the things about Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice is that we held the title for a year, which is not something SEGA has traditionally done, but this focus on quality is really about trying to take Sonic back to where it used to be.”

It looks like Sega isn’t just hoping to make great Sonic games. There are apparently a lot of new announcements on their way and the aim is to make Sonic an icon of entertainment, not just gaming.

“We are really focussed on turning Sonic into an entertainment icon, not just a games icon,” said Gerscovich. “We want to go across all platforms and elevate his status even further, which explains why we are doing so much.”

The Sonic game currently being developed is expected to be officially announced at a special Sonic 25th anniversary even next month.

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