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Resident Evil 7’s Box Art Features a Fittingly Creepy Mansion

Resident Evil

Resident Evil 7’s Box Art Features a Fittingly Creepy Mansion

Nothing like a good old creepy mansion.

One of the biggest surprises at PlayStation’s E3 press conference tonight was the announcement of Resident Evil 7. which looks to take the series in a decidedly different turn.

The trailer for RE 7 started out slowly, with a character waking up in an abandoned mansion from a first person point of view. The character then continues to explore the mansion in a P.T. like style, with increasingly creepy things starting to happen. Now the box art for Resident Evil 7 has been released, and it matches the tone of the game and the series perfectly. The boxart comes via David Scammell on Twitter. The art is also featured on a Capcom Unity post providing more information on the game.

The art features a small shadowy figure standing in front of an imposing Mansion, evoking some similarities to the mansion of the very first Resident Evil. A demo for the new game will be available starting tonight for PlayStation Plus users.

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard doesn’t have a release date as of yet. What do you think about the announcement of Resident Evil 7? Do you think the boxart matches what the tone of the game looks to be? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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