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The Best E3 2016 Conferences, Ranked

E3, 2016. predictions

The Best E3 2016 Conferences, Ranked

This year’s presenters stand against one another.

7. PC Gaming Show

e3 2016 pc gaming show

The PC Gaming Show was one of the presentations that had a lot to prove. Unlike Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, which each have conferences spotlighting their own platforms, PC has relied on a collection of numerous stage shows and reveals. There was no show dedicated specifically to PC fans until last year. While year one was relatively slow, it was expected due to it being a first outing. This year, at E3 2016, many expected the kinks to be worked out and a show on the caliber of any of the “Big Three.”

You would think with so many huge publishers and developers backing the PC platform, you’d have a much more hype inducing conference. What the PC Gaming Show did provide was strong indie support. That’s not a bad thing, but when you’re going up against AAA lineups and hardware reveals, something bigger is needed.

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