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Prey Will Let You Pick Morgan’s Gender

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Prey Will Let You Pick Morgan’s Gender

That’s good.

Earlier tonight, Bethesda showed off Prey, the reboot of the Xbox 360 game. This time, instead of playing as Native American Tommy Towadi, you’ll be in the boots of Morgan Yu, a subject of experiments that were intended to improve the human race. If you thought that you’d be playing the whole game as a grizzled dude, you’re sorely mistaken.

Raphael Colantonio spoke more about the game after the conference ended and revealed that Morgan’s gender will in fact be up to the player; if someone wants to play as a male Morgan, they can do so, and vice versa for those who want to play as a female Morgan. They chose the name Morgan because it was gender neutral. If this affects the game in any real way beyond pronouns, Arkane Austin hasn’t said yet. Either way, you’ll be fighting aliens on the Talon 1 space station with your weapons and mind bending abilities.

Prey comes to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime next year.

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