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Pokemon Sun & Moon’s Evolved Legendary Phases Revealed


Pokemon Sun & Moon’s Evolved Legendary Phases Revealed

They’re a lot more than they seem.

This morning during their E3 Nintendo Treehouse stream, the company showed off a lot of new gameplay for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon, as well as a few more details on the game’s legendary pokemon, Solgaleo and Lunala. The image depicts the creatures’ evolved phases, which are Solgaleo’s “Radiant Sun” phase and Lunala’s “Full Moon” phase. Check them out below.


Here’s what Nintendo Inquirer had to say about the forms:

“The Sun and Moon Pokémon will be able to shine with a stronger light when bolstered, representing the true might of the forces they represent. Solgaleo will enter a “Radiant Sun” phase while Lunala will take on a “Full Moon” phase, with both wreathed in dark clouds to really highlight their brightness.”

Earlier, we also got a look at the beginning of the game, and saw three new pokemon that appear early on. We saw new changes to the battle system, like an easily accessible way to throw out pokeballs quickly, and how the player now has access to a lot more information during battles than ever before, like elemental weaknesses.

What do you think of Lunala and Solgaleo new phases?


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