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Playstation’s E3 2016 Conference: What Time & Where to Watch


Playstation’s E3 2016 Conference: What Time & Where to Watch

Greatness Awaits

E3 is merely a week away, and you won’t want to miss any of the biggest gaming events of the year.

Sony’s Playstation conference is obviously going to contain some of the biggest reveals, so we’re going to ensure you won’t miss it. We’ve already speculated what we think is going to happen at the event, but here’s a handy guide so you know when and where to watch it, wherever you are!


Playstation has its own dedicated streaming site for the conference. will cover the full conference itself and the three-day Playstation LiveCast, which will feature demos and dev interviews for over 60 upcoming games. You can also sign in on that website to redeem some fancy digital rewards.

Alternatively, you can also watch it on Twitch /YouTube, or the Live Events app on your PS3/PS4.


Monday, June 13 :  5:30pm PST/8:30 EST

Sony also announced all of the games available on the E3 show floor, for those  who are gonna be in L.A for the event. You can catch the list over on the Playstation blog. Hopefully we can see some more of PSVR before the October release date, and build on last year’s solid performance from Sony.


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