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Overwatch’s Generous Hit Boxes Mean That You Can Be Shot From Behind a Wall


Overwatch’s Generous Hit Boxes Mean That You Can Be Shot From Behind a Wall

This could be kind of annoying.

Overwatch has been only for only a few short weeks and it’s already a smashing success on all platforms. The game feels fresh and can be jumped into and learned with relative ease. It’s always been clear that Overwatch has some generosity to its aiming, especially with projectile weapon’s like Zenyatta’s orbs or Hanzo’s arrows, but a new video by Youtuber Force Gaming dives deep into the game’s hitboxes, and comes back with some interesting results.

Force Gaming found that no only are projectile weapons (things like arrows or orbs that have to account for moving targets) easier to hit headshots with, but hit-scan weapons too: weapons that instantly hit their target like McCree’s revolver or Bastion’s mini-gun. In the video, you can clearly see Force Gaming aiming clear above the head, to where the middle is clearly off of the target, and still scoring headshots.

But more surprising was when this discovery was applied to an enemy standing behind a wall. Since the hitbox for projectiles is larger than it would typically be, you’re able to actually hit someone by shooting around a corner, provided the other player is standing on the other side of the corner rather closely.

What do you think of the way Overwatch handles hitboxes?


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