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Overwatch Player is So Good, She was Forced To Prove She’s Not A Cheater

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Overwatch Player is So Good, She was Forced To Prove She’s Not A Cheater

She’ll put your Overwatch skills to shame.

17 year old Korean woman Gegury is so good at playing Zarya in Overwatch that she’s had to prove she’s not cheating. As Zarya, Gegury boasts a ridiculous 6.31 KDA and win rate of 80% percent, with over 420 games played. Click on that link to see for yourself, it’s humbling.

At recent tournaments, her performances began to draw the ire of opposing teams. Eventually, rival teams began to accuse of her cheating. Two pros threatened to quit playing professionally if she wasn’t hacking. One player was so upset he reportedly threatened to come to her house with a knife. After winning the qualifiers for the Nexus and defeating the Korean powerhouse teams, she was reported to Blizzard Korea by the opposing team.

Blizzard came out in defense of Gegury, saying she wasn’t cheating. She has also streamed herself as Zarya to prove the accusation had no merits. Unsurprisingly, she was upset by all the unnecessary hate she has received and cried while streaming, citing all the stress she’s been put under. Two of the rival pros that accused her, ELTA and and Strobe, have retired since their accusations were proved false. Strobe was the player who may have threatened her.

To see Gegury’s amazing skills, watch her play for yourself below.

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This post was originally written by Patrick Dodd.

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