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Overwatch Characters Get Drawn As Adorable Neko Atsume Cats


Overwatch Characters Get Drawn As Adorable Neko Atsume Cats

The world could always use more cats.

A lot of awesome fan art for Overwatch has been rolling around since the game’s release about a month ago, but this one may be the best. You’ve seen them off duty and doing all sorts of silly or crazy things. But seeing the cast of Blizzard’s shooter as adorable cats from the game Neko Atsume sets a brand new bar for amazing.

This lovely piece of art you’re seeing comes courtesy of Tumblr user Bailey from Australia, who says that she spent “a reasonable amount of time on this”. (She totally did, and if you’re reading this, Bailey, it’s awesome!) Sadly, there are some of the characters missing–there’s no Bastion, or Reinhardt, for example– but it’s still possibly the most adorable piece of Overwatch fan art that currently does and ever will exist. It also really makes me want some plushies of these guys to buy…especially cat Hanzo. Just look at his pinchable cheeks!

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