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We Happy Few Was Inspired More By XCOM and Don’t Starve Than Bioshock

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We Happy Few Was Inspired More By XCOM and Don’t Starve Than Bioshock

Inspiring a dystopian world.

Following the release of the We Happy Few gameplay trailer during Microsoft’s E3 2016 conference, the game received heaps of attention for its unique gameplay and similar aesthetical style to Bioshock. According to the devs, that latter part is coincidental.

During an interview with Compulsion Games’ COO, Sam Abbott, we asked exactly what games the studio had drawn inspiration from for its upcoming dystopian-thriller, We Happy Few, and whether or not Bioshock had been fundamental in the art direction.

“Our inspirations are less about Bioshock and more about gameplay,” Abbott said. “… we liked Dead Rising’s combat, we really liked some of the procedural systems in FTL, and we liked the hardcore and permadeath devices in XCOM.”

With the game identifying itself within the survival genre, Abbott acknowledged inspiration from a ton of games in the genre as a whole. “There are so many more, so every part of the game as you look at it references games that we think have done something really really well.”

Despite the similarities in style between the Bioshock franchise and We Happy Few, Abbott states that these weren’t intended. “I suppose some of the team had Bioshock inspiration, but our Art Director has never played Bioshock, so the fact that the game has a similar aesthetic is completely coincidental.”

What are your thoughts on We Happy Few’s inspirations? Let us know in the comments below.

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