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Nintendo Caught a Rattata Live at E3 During Their Pokemon GO Stream


Nintendo Caught a Rattata Live at E3 During Their Pokemon GO Stream

You caught a Rattata!

Nintendo opened their Treehouse Live event today, with a lengthy Q&A featuring the development team of Pokemon GO, along with Shigeru Miyamoto. During the session the developers helped answer a few big questions about the mobile game, particularly how you find and catch Pokemon, and how each reacts.

In Pokemon GO different monsters are mapped to the real world, meaning you won’t find a Magikarp sitting in the middle of the street. Just like in the main games some Pokemon will be harder to find and they’ll also react like they normally would, Abra’s will run away for example. To show off the actual act of catching a Pokemon, the team managed to happen upon a Rattata right in the middle of the Q&A area.

rattata, pokemon go, e3


The little mouse type Pokemon sat on the table, while one of the developers used the AR mode to throw a Pokeball. A circle in the middle of the screen showed the change of hitting the Pokemon, and apparently you have full control over where the Pokeball goes as well as the spin and strength. Luckily everything worked out during the demo, and the Rattata was caught.

pokemon go, e3

It was fun to see Nintendo put the app straight to use in the middle of their stream, and Rattata is even a Pokemon you might expect to see crawling around the convention center. Nintendo also announced that Pokemon GO Plus, a wearable device to help streamline some aspects of the game, will be launching late July and retail for $34.99.

Are you looking forward to Pokemon GO? What Pokemon are you going to try and capture first? Leave a comment and let us know, and make sure to stay tuned to Twinfinite for more out of E3.


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