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Everything We Learned From the New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer


Everything We Learned From the New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer

Let’s dig deep into the new trailer.

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First: New Legends Information and Types Revealed

Sun and Moon

We (officially) learned the names of the two box art legendaries coming in Pokemon Sun & Moon: Solgaleo and Lunala. We also learned what their typing is. What might be shocking to some is that Solgaleo is NOT a fire type. Yes, the fire-lion cover star of Pokemon Sun does not carry a Fire primary or secondary typing. Instead Solgaleo is Psychic/Steel. Meaning yes, SOLgaleo of Pokemon SUN will be weak to Fire attacks. Certainly an interesting choice by Game Freak there.

Psychic/Steel is a pretty safe/uninspired choice. It’s seen on many Pokemon including fellow legendary Jirachi and the Metagross/Bronzong evolution line. While it may not be particularly exciting, it is a very bulky typing that carries a ton of resistances to some pretty important attacks such as Ice and Fairy. It is weak to Ground, Dark, Ghost and Fire however. Ground is a bad weakness to have, but the other three can be worked around for sure.

Less baffling but still interesting is Lunala who will be only the second ever Psychic/Ghost type Pokemon. What makes that typing fascinating is that Lunala will only have two weaknesses (Dark and Ghost) BUT will be 4x weak to both of those attacks. Lunala might be very tanky against many attacks but one Sucker Punch will spell disaster.

Both Solgaleo and Lunala have a “unique”ability. It’s in quotations for now, because as far as we can see in this trailer at least, their two abilities seem to function exactly like already existing ones despite the different names. Solgaleo’s ability is Full Metal Body, which shut downs moves or abilities that attempt to reduce Solgaleo’s stats. Unless we get more information, that’s the same as Clear Body. Lunala’s Shadow Shield ability reduces damage from incoming attacks while at full health. That ability is identical to how Dragonite and Lugia’s Multiscale works.

What seems actually new are their signature moves. Sunsteel Strike for Solgaleo and Moongeist Beam for Lunala. Both attacks seem to be incredibly powerful and ignore their target’s ability when calculating damage. Sunsteel Strike in particular was able to OHKO a Salamance without it even being super-effective in the trailer. No word yet though on the typings of those attacks, but our guess is Steel and Ghost respectively.

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