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NBA 2K16: How to Grab Rebounds

NBA 2K16

NBA 2K16: How to Grab Rebounds

Time to crash some boards.

You know what they say, defense wins games, and while that is very true, there is also another essential element: grabbing rebounds. In NBA 2K16, you will be tasked with getting both offensive and defensive rebounds, which are both vital to winning games.

Grabbing a rebound in NBA 2K16 requires very precise timing and height. You don’t want to jump the second the opponent puts up the shot, instead striking just seconds before the basketball hits the rim.

An important tip on crashing boards is using one of your taller players, preferably the center, power forward, or small forward on your team, and stay in position inside the paint. Grabbing a rebound is simple – all you have to do is notice when your opponent shoots the ball, stay within the paint, hold R2/RT to box out the opposing team, and press Triangle/Y before the ball hits the grounds.

Be wary, though, if you are already being boxed out while you the ball is about to fall and you still try to grab the rebound, you might be hit with an “over the back” foul, which can add up if left unchecked. To avoid this penalty, always try to stay in front of the opposing team and then jump for the rebound

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