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NBA 2K16: How to Edit Players

NBA 2K16

NBA 2K16: How to Edit Players

Swap gear, moves, and more!

Editing Players in NBA 2K16 is quite simple. From the main menu screen scroll all the way down to the last option and press X on the Dualshock 4 or A on the Xbox One controller to proceed to the Features/Options. This screen will take you to another menu screen where you are then going to scroll all the way down to the Roster Creation option and press X/A on “Edit Roster.” From here you will be able to choose players (after having downloaded a roster) that you can then edit as you see fit. That includes adjusting appearance, changing equipment, and even certain animations.

To edit your own created player, start from the main menu and proceed to options like you did before. Only this time choose MyPlayer instead of the roster option. From there you will be able to make whatever changes you desire to your NBA 2K16 created character. Just select complete after you’ve done what you wanted and that’s it, you’re all set.

Thanks to the abundance of customization options available in NBA 2K16, such as name brand shoes, different clothing, and features, you can really enjoy building the perfect basket player. So get out there and create a court legend.

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