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NBA 2K16: How to Dunk Two-Handed or With Style

NBA 2K16

NBA 2K16: How to Dunk Two-Handed or With Style

Everyone needs to know how to dunk!

This year’s version of 2K basketball , NBA 2K16, is by far the best in the series, providing both a sense of immersion and realism to the basketball genre. While there over 30 teams to choose from and a wide variety of your favorite players to control, you’ll need to learn how to get through the opponent’s line of defense, bring it to the hole, and slam dunk it on your opponents.

The basic slam dunk won’t be that hard to achieve, even if you did just dive into this year’s NBA 2K16. all you have to do is hold down the R2/RT trigger to sprint towards the hoop, press the square button on the DualShock 4 or the ‘X’ button on the Xbox controller, and your player will perform a basic/random dunk depending on your player’s stats and abilities.

To play it safe, you’ll want to perform a two-handed dunk, which follows the same pattern as the basic dunk: hold R2/RT while running towards the basket, hold the right stick towards the basket, and once again press the square/X button. This will allow you to always perform a safe two-handed dunk so your opponent can’t swat the ball away.

Once you get more comfortable and confident with performing basic and two-handed dunks, there are a ton of stylish and fancy dunks to learn. To do a flashy dunk, it will require the same general pattern of buttons: hold R2/RT towards the basket, press square/X, and hold the right stick away from the rim. This should mostly be used when running down on a fastbreak and none of the opponent’s team members are around you.

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