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Monster Hunter Generations Is Getting Western-Exclusive Strider Gear

Monster Hunter Generations

Monster Hunter Generations Is Getting Western-Exclusive Strider Gear

Time to hunt like a futuristic ninja.

Earlier today Capcom revealed that the upcoming Monster Hunter Generations game for the Nintendo 3DS will include a western-exclusive Strider collaboration set.

The Strider collaboration set is based on Strider Hiryu’s classic armor, and hunters will also be able to use his Cypher sword. In-game the Cypher will be a Dual Blade which means that hunters will be actually striking monsters with their bare hands. According to Capcom Unity, the reason Cypher was made into a Dual Blade was to keep the”true Strider feeling as much as possible, so his classic Cypher gets translated into the fastest-striking weapons in Monster Hunter: Dual Blades.”

Check out the Strider collaboration set in action in the Monster Hunter Generations – Strider Trailer:

Alongside the Strider Collaboration, Monster Hunter Generations is also getting western-exclusive Ghosts n’ Goblins, Okami, and  Fire Emblem collaboration sets.

Monster Hunter Generations is due out on the Nintendo 3DS on July 15.

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