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Missing Someone and Video Games – Positive Gamers

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Missing Someone and Video Games – Positive Gamers

Time is the best.

Positive Gamers is the show where Yami tries to help you deal with life’s difficulties through gaming metaphors. This episode seeks to compare the feeling of missing a person with as many different gaming situations as possible, and hopefully sheds a bit of light and understanding on it all. There is no real remedy besides time, and hopefully knowing you’re not alone works well enough to help. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. Positive Gamers isn’t the usual comedy that you’ll see from Twinfinite Video, but it’s helped enough people to matter to make anyway.

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Owner for the site and one of Twinfinite Video's personalities. Yami founded Twinfinite when she was bored one day. She has since become very not bored. Has played video games for over 25 years. Favorites include The Sims, XCOM, Tropico, and any and all tycoon games.

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