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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: How to Change Your Runner Tag Emblem


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: How to Change Your Runner Tag Emblem

Well, that’s silly.

Interestingly enough, the Runner Tag Emblems you collect in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst can’t actually be equipped within the game itself. You’ll have to go to the official Mirror’s Edge website, log in with your EA account, and then customize your Runner Tag from there.

You can pick up Runner Tag Emblems in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst by opening Basic Runner Kits. To locate these Kits, simply pull up your map, and look for the icons. They’re usually found in the safe houses scatted all over Glass. You’ll also have to fulfil specific conditions to unlock Runner Kits. For instance, you’ll unlock one by picking up five Documents, completing a certain number of side activities, or progressing far enough in the story. Once you’ve met these conditions, the game will give you a notification, telling you that a Basic Runner Kit is now available. The Kits will contain customization items for your Runner Tag and your ECHO.

It’s worth noting that unlike the Runner Tag, your ECHO can be customized in-game. Simply bring up the menu, go to the ‘Progression’ tab and hit the toggle button to check out the available options you have for the ECHO. As cool as the Tag sounds, unfortunately that can only be changed on the Mirror’s Edge website.

For more tips and tricks on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, be sure to check out our wiki.

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