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Mighty No. 9’s Credits Are Nearly 4 Hours Long, List All 70,000 Kickstarter Backers

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Mighty No. 9’s Credits Are Nearly 4 Hours Long, List All 70,000 Kickstarter Backers

Grab some popcorn.

After an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign, yet another campaign for voice acting, another campaign for another new game, a lot of waiting, and many, many delays, Mighty No. 9 is finally out. And the game is…well, not great, as our review will make clear.

But regardless of all that, the Megman-style platformer by Kenji Inafune happened because a whole lot of people wanted it to happen; a fact made clear by the game’s ending credits, which are nearly 4 hours long and lists every single one of the game’s 70,000 backers. You can check out the video below captured by GameXplain, if you enjoy the same 30 seconds of looped music and a lot of internet handles flying down the screen.

The game has a whole lot of issues, but here’s just a few that our reviewer pointed out:

“Mighty No. 9 struggles from the moment the game begins. Movement is stiff and slow, quickly giving players a taste of what’s to come for the next few hours of their lives. The first world served as a tutorial as well as an introduction to the story. Said story is largely forgettable, revolving around a futuristic world that happens to take place “in the present day” (seriously, that’s the timeline the game gives you).

“The biggest takeaway I have from Mighty No. 9 is that it was such a letdown. It had so much potential, a chance to reignite the passion for challenging platformers. But in some ways, it overreached. It briefly captures what made Mega Man so special, but those moments are too few and far between.”

What do you think of Mighty No. 9?


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