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Microsoft Clear Shelves: Xbox One Price Drop with Free Controller


Microsoft Clear Shelves: Xbox One Price Drop with Free Controller

This week at E3 Microsoft announced its brand new and improved Xbox One S console becoming available in August this year. That means it’s time to get aggressive to move those old 2015 / 2016 Xbox One bundles off the shelves. We’re seeing the best Xbox One deals since Black Friday 2015. If you absolutely don’t care about the slimmer Xbox One S and just want the best Xbox One deal to date, this would be it.

Every major retailer (Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, etc) has dropped prices on the 1TB consoles to $299.99 and the 500GB console bundles to $279. That said your best bet is to actually buy straight from the Microsoft Store, where in addition to the price drops you also get a bonus Xbox One Wireless Controller and a free Ubisoft game of your choice. The two bonuses add up to about $85 if you bought each separately, which makes it an even better offer than the $50 off + $50 Gift Card offer from Microsoft during Black Friday 2015.

$299 Xbox One Deals

$279 Xbox One Deals

Xbox One Elite Deal

Everyone has their own taste, but if you wanted to know which bundle represents the best value you really should consider the Xbox One Spring bunle. This 1TB bundle first released in April of 2016, so it’s not old, and includes the most free games compared to the others. In addition to the free Ubisoft game from the MS Store you’ll also get a copy of Halo 5: Guardians, Assassin’s Cree: Unity, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Rare Replay which is basically 30 games in 1.

The only bundle that doesn’t make too much sense to pick up would be the Xbox One Elite bundle pricing at $399. At this price range, we’d suggest just waiting for the Xbox One S 2TB Launch Edition for newer hardware and significantly more capacity (even though it won’t be an SSD like the Elite). We don’t foresee Microsoft discounting the Elite beyond the $399 price anytime soon until they clear out the remainder stock later this holiday season in Fall 2016.

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