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Microsoft at E3 2016: What to Expect Them to Show


Microsoft at E3 2016: What to Expect Them to Show

Microsoft’s 2016 could be huge

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Microsoft made some big statements at E3 last year. They came out and made sure that fans knew they meant business. Reveals like the Hololens integration with Minecraft, and the Xbox One’s backward compatibility with 360 games were just two standouts from a conference that had a lot of positives to take away from it.

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The big MS will want to carry this form into this year’s conference in order to put the pressure on Sony who will be presenting later on in the day. With rumors of new hardware, and many of their exclusives releasing during the holiday season of 2015, Microsoft may be preparing themselves for a blowout event.

Microsoft has plenty of potential and many resources to utilize to mount their offense for E3 2016 and beyond. Here are a few things you can expect from the company at this year’s event.

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