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League of Legends: Pool Party Taric’s Splash Art Is All the Baywatch It Needed to Be


League of Legends: Pool Party Taric’s Splash Art Is All the Baywatch It Needed to Be

Valoran Hasselhoff has arrived.

League of Legends is getting a new round of Pool Party skins, and Pool Party Taric AKA Valoran Hasselhoff does not disappoint.

Pool Party Taric, Miss Fortune, and Fiora all hit the PBE this week, though Taric’s is the first splash art revealed. Understandably so – donned in Baywatch red, he rushes towards water-related danger, presumably in slow motion, ripping his jacket off with one hand while every muscle on his torso is busy trying to escape from his chest.

League of Legends Pool Party Taric splash art skin

That jacket-ripping action is featured in Taric’s recall animation, but according to Skin QA’s Riot KateyKhaos, there won’t be a jacket toggle, since toggles are “kind of janky to work with a lot of the time – especially in Taric’s case.”

On the bright side, it looks like his golden locks are locked in a state of perpetual motion:

League of Legends Pool Party Taric

This glorious Taric skin comes on the heels of an equally glorious rework and splash update for Taric, which turned the gem knight into a full-blown Fabio and gave Armor of the Fifth Age Taric the deepest V known to League.

The tentative pricing for all the new Pool Party skins is 1350 RP, though these are subject to change before their release. Let us know if you’ll be grabbing any of the summer skins, and for more League of Legends, check out some of the stories below.


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