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League of Legends: How to Get Essence

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League of Legends: How to Get Essence

Oh sweet essence.

League of Legends has introduced plenty of new rewards for players to collect and one of those is essence. There are several ways to get essence, which is split into two different types called champion and cosmetic essence.

The first way to get essence would be getting it through Hextech Chests, which will also give you champions, skins and ward skin shards. It is possible to only get one type of essence in the chest, so you might receive some champion essence but no cosmetic essence. You can try to get more chests through getting S rank on champions or buying them in order to get more essence.

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You can also break down or disenchant shards in order to get more essence by clicking on the one you don’t want, and this will show you a list of options you can do including disenchant. Once you click on that option, a prompt will pop up to confirm your decision and will tell you what type of essence you will get and how much.

Champion shards can be broken down into a champion or the blue essence, and can be used to unlock champions. Skin shards or the orange essence can be used to unlock wards or champion skins. One difference here is that champion essence can also be used to unlock Mastery levels 6 and 7 with the use of Mastery tokens.


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